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The Power of Extended Reality

Finding your XR solution in the new world with COVID-19

XR Consulting and Management Services

Let us help taking your business to the next level

The world has changed and there is no going back. Organizations are responsible for keeping their customers and members safe. There are very many small to large XR/VR/AR solutions and providers to accompany the new needs all around the globe. XRA is an expert in helping organizations to find the best matching solution available in the world


Keep your customers safe with virtual events and impress them with immersive presentations, attractions and networking space. Differentiate yourself from competitors by maximizing the capability of leading XR marketing technologies


Give your fans the immersive experience of their life. Let them stay in their couches at home and still have fun together with their friends in your event. Imagine the un-real you can bring to your stage and to your exhibitions with no physical restrictions


Maximize the educational results from immersive experiences without any physical environment, keeping trainers and students safe, not just from COVID.  You can create training environments and experimental labs that can be hazardous or even deadly in the real world


About Us


COVID-19 has changed our life. As global business experts, we have seen and experienced transformations around the world because of the pandemic. Even with the vaccine, we see that the world has evolved and adapted to maintain safety, minimize people gatherings, and avoid unnecessary travel.  Many companies have implemented remote work-from-home policies permanently and reduced physical office spaces.  Schools have developed remote curriculums and virtual reality courses with official directions and support from the government. Entertainment events and trade shows which were forced to move to virtual events have gathered people by the thousands and even millions, surprisingly much more attendance from what they had in the past show hosted in theaters and trade halls. 


Our mission is to help people and businesses adapt to this COVID transformation and bridge them with the extended reality technologies. XR and AR technologies are still in their early stage. Many small companies are starting up all around the globe,  in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas, with amazing XR technologies just waiting to be introduced widely.  We want to see these emerging technologies succeed with people and businesses worldwide. We do not want to see anyone be left behind from the global post-COVID transformation. 

We are the bridge. Call us.


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